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About American Young
American Young is comprised of fiddle player, Kristy Osmunson, and songwriter/producer, Jon Stone who take pride in material not guided by trends, but only music that touches them emotionally. Osmunson was born in Idaho and raised about as country as anyone could be. She took violin lessons, both classical and in a more country vein, and toured with a Canadian fiddle group playing square dances and clogging her heart out with the rest of the ensemble. From playing the Broadway honky-tonks, co-founding the electrifying fiddle duo Bomshel, and writing the Joey + Rory hit “Cheater, Cheater,” she was well on her way as a solo artist before crossing paths with Stone. Stone is originally from Oregon and he too is country born and bred; for a while he worked as a bull rider. Stone holds songwriter credentials for numerous hits including Kenny Chesney (“Seven Days”), Blake Shelton (“Kiss My Country Ass”), Rascal Flatts (“Me and My Gang”) and many other headliners. Embracing the name of American Young and all that it represents musically and personally, they released their first single, “Love Is War,” in late 2013. Now, with release of American Young, their first full-length album, they show the depth in which this duo has grown.

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