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American Young is comprised of songwriter/musician, Kristy Osmunson, and songwriter/producer, Jon Stone, who are complete opposites when it comes to personality, but come together to create hauntingly beautiful music stemmed solely from their own personal experiences. Both are established songwriters in their own right and wrote 11 out of the 12 tracks on their debut album, AY, that was released in August 2016. They explicitly state that they will only pen lyrics that touch them on an emotional level such as “God Sends a Train,” which speaks of the devastation Kristy endured when her mother was hit by a train but lived and eventually walked again, “Be Here,” which pleads for a moment of peace without the distractions of today’s world, and “Something to You,” which Kristy fought back tears to record in the studio.  mia scarlett porn Kristy Osmunson, born and raised in Idaho, grew up playing the violin. She went from playing at honky-tonks to co-founding the electrifying fiddle-duo Bomshel and writing the Joey + Rory hit “Cheater, Cheater,” well on her way as a solo artist before crossing paths with Stone. red tag porn  Jon Stone, originally from Oregon, is also country born and bred, for a while even working as a bull rider, before he was a solo act turned successful producer/songwriter including Kenny Chesney’s “Seven Days,” Blake Shelton’s “Kiss My Country Ass,” and Rascal Flatts’ “Me and My Gang.” The duo is currently gearing up to head overseas for their sixth international tour.

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